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"Coming together is the beginning,

Keeping together is progress,

Working together is success."

Henry Ford

Teamwork is so important in all aspects of life - whether family or business - for great teamwork brings great results.

From the outset MTR Property Group was designed specifically to work as a team. The essence of high performance is, without question, the team approach.

There are a number of key ingredients that have been built into the MTR Property Group culture that underpin this.

    1. Qualified Personnel

In addition to our sales personnel all MTR Property Group support staff have completed the designated competencies for sales and are REIQ qualified.

The high quality service provided by the MTR Property Group team - equipped with superior knowledge and experience means you can be confident that you are working with professionals who know and understand the correct processes and ethical standards required by the Real Estate industry.

    2. Continuing Training and Development

All MTR Property Group personnel - sales and support - regularly upgrade and improve their knowledge and skills through a planned program of professional development courses and seminars.

Knowledge and skills are the tools-in-trade of the real estate industry. Like any other set of tools they must be well maintained and practiced to get the very best out of them. You can be confident that your MTR Property Group team is working at peak efficiency and effectiveness for you.

    3. Harness the Power of Technology

Technology is changing the way we look at the world. Many of us now correspond on-line. Some of us even shop on-line. The truly clever amongst us can take the power of computers and apply them to parts of life and business that many would never think of. Advanced techniques in the application of information technology to marketing & research, using data mining and other key technologies give the MTR Property Group Team the advantage.

    4. The Team Approach

MTR Property Group functions unlike any other agency. The Team is involved and committed as one to achieving the very best results for our clients.

    5. Experienced and Successful Mentor

The icing on the cake for the MTR Property Group Team is to be led, developed and encouraged by one the most successful agents ever to have operated in the Western Suburbs. The team takes on and amplifies the culture and standards of the leader. As founder and driving force behind MTR Property Group, Marilyn Thurtell has a record that is second to none earning multiple Platinum Awards for sales excellence. For the MTR Property Group Team this translates into a veritable wealth of knowledge and insight into current markets and future trends that each of the Team can draw upon to the benefit of all MTR Property Group clients.

The key to Marilyn's success is now reaching further than ever as they are trained, developed and honed into the MTR Property Group Team.

'The success of the Team will always surpass the sum of individual successes.'

MTR Property Group has achieved great things and hit a number of milestones as listings and sales continue to grow. The development of the MTR Property Group Team is your assurance that the supreme levels of service and success that you have come to expect from Marilyn will now be delivered undiminished regardless of which Team member is serving you.

Excellent results for you are always our goal.

The MTR Property Group Team is hand picked to bring together those with an insatiable desire to learn and a fierce commitment to deliver the very best result for their clients. MTR Property Group will continue to be driven by these fundamentals.